Returns FAQs

When do I need to return my device?

Devices must be surrendered if leaving Stony Brook Medicine for other employment. Devices not returned prior to departure without written approval from SBMIT will be given a 7 day grace period before being wiped and disabled without warning.

I'm a graduating resident. Can I keep my work phone and number after I graduate?

Residents CANNOT keep their phone or their number upon graduation and leaving Stony Brook.

I'm a faculty member and I would like to keep my phone number when I retire / leave the organization.

Faculty members are allowed to keep their phone number when they leave the organization, but not the phone itself.

You must have a personal account with the same carrier for it to work and create a ticket. (If your phone says "Verizon" at the top left, that means you must have a personal account with Verizon to transfer it to.)

To submit a ticket, go to and sign in with your UHMC. Then, select Report Incident-> Hardware -> Mobile Device -> Assistance with iPhone. Indicate that you will be returning your phone, but would like to keep your number.